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ethical produced, locally printed fabrics, excellent finishing

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Are you looking for a reliable partner to produce your garments in Africa? Then we are here for you!







We have a higly motivated and well educated team of tailors ready to work for you. We will always try to fulfill all your wishes and use the best quality materials available in Ghana. Due to our big network we are the perfect partner to work with in Ghana. Workin with us also assures you that all items are manufactured under good circumstances for the makers of you garments. All items come with a name tag of the producer so you know exactly who made your garments!




We have a great connections with the wholesales of GTP, Woodin and ATL. Therefore we can get acces to fabrics that others can only get in large quantities. We will discuss with you about your specific wishes concerning the material to use and prints.






With over three years of experience in producing garments for different customers in US, Canada & Europe we know what it takes to produce up to western standards.




We can give you a clear insight in the shipping costs with different carriers and make a reliable estimation before we start producing your garments. Transparancy and clarity is what we stand for. Oh by the way, for us a deadline is a deadline. We will always make sure we agree on a reasonable deadline and make sure we won’t disappoint you!


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