Welcome to Akwan2fo Fashion

Our Story


‘Help me and let me help you’


‘Help me and let me help you’ is our motto and this is reflected in a collaboration between young Dutch designers and Ghanaian tailors. Transperancy, equality, diversity and craftmanship comes together in a fashion brand inspired by the beautiful colors of Africa.



‘Partner with talented designers’


We partner with young and emerging designers to create our collections. In this way they get the chance to create a whole collection and gain experience in the production proces. All designs are based on the latest fashion trends and inspired by the talents of our designers.



‘Transparant in production’


We work with a selected group of Ghanaian tailors. We select them on their motivation to learn and develop themselves. We invest in the development of our partnerships, so we all grow together. We want you to see te person behind your clothes, so we always add a label with information about the tailor who has made your product.



‘Creating something unique’


We always strive to create something unique as well in our production proces as in our creations.